helicopter training videos

3 months of helicopter training in 5 minutes!

Three months of of helicopter training and flying condensed into five minutes! This is a great synopsis of what you will get to see while training to become a professional helicopter pilot at Helicopter Academy.


Kevin`s Ramp Solo R22 ( KCOI / Helicopter Academy )

Kevin`s second Solo out of Merritt Island (KCOI),Fl. Beautiful Saturday noon, calm wind, sky clear.


Helicopter Academy / BOATPIX R-44 SFAR 73 (R44)

Checkout, Ft. Pierce, Florida


Carlos Marcos CID Helicopter Academy / BOATPIX


Helicopter Academy / BOATPIX

Low level flying


Helicopter Academy / BoatPix.com

R-22 flying around Ponce Inlet taking pictures of boats.