Low time CFI Helicopter pilot jobs

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CFI helicopter pilot jobs


We have R22 CFI positions available paying $50/hour.

Must have SFAR 73 signoff to instruct from DPE.

Call Tom McDermott 561-346-2816 or send an EMail to heliacademy@gmail.com with your present location and qualifications.

Needed, low time pilots who posses a CFI rating with 300 hours total helicopter time to instruct in our flight school. This is a helicopter pilot job as instructor and also working on a photo contract and you will build helicopter time more rapidly here than anywhere else. That 300 hours total time helicopter will need to include 100 hours learning our photo contract as an intern and you will pay for this helicopter time at a discounted $300 per hour. This is specialized training to perform the contract that isn't taught at any other school but is an educational environment for flight training and for the student's benefit while not displacing our regular pilots. It is popular with students from other schools and low time pilots that have 200 hours helicopter total time or less to be considered to move into a job with us. You will be working under the close supervision of a more senior pilot and while we don't derive any immediate advantages from these operations and we acknowledge that operations are occasionally impeded. While most operators require 1000 hours helicopter time or more, we almost certainly will hire you at 300 hours total time helicopter and will then get you to 400 hours total time helicopter which is guaranteed. You won't be paid for this intern training and in fact you will be paying for the helicopter time at the discounted rate mentioned above.

Pilot testimonial

I went to a regular flight school and had earned a CFI and 200 hours but no job. Someone told me to call the folks that fly the BOATPIX contract and I paid for 100 hours and found a job flying an R44 doing tours in Orlando shortly thereafter. All because of taking pictures of boats! Who would have thought!

- Jonathan F.

Low hour Helicopter pilot jobs information

If you have 200 hours and a CFI you will need to pay for 100 hours @ $300 per hour ($30,000). This should take two months at the minimum for training to get you from 200 hours total time helicopter to 300 hours total time helicopter. As a contractor you should get to 400 hours in less than 2 months with the bulk of those hours in the warm months of spring, summer and fall. If you have 180 hours and need 120 hours to get to 400 hours you will be given a job for each hour that you paid into the system and hence get 120 hours paid employment guaranteed. Most helicopters don't fly too much in the winter and that includes us but we make up for it in the summer after almost closing for the winter.

If you have a private helicopter license or commercial helicopter license you'll need to get to 300 hours total time and a CFI. You can transfer from another school NOW and take advantages of our great rates. Our roster of pilots is generally split evenly between students that completed all of their training with us and transfer students that came from other schools. We guarantee for each hour you pay us for training as an intern working towards the 300 hours total time that you will get another hour as a paid pilot. If you come with 100 hours and pay for 200 hours to get to the 300 hours total you will then get 200 hours paid. Call School Manager Tommy McDermott at 561-346-2816 (Call or text) if you have any questions and a quick quote to get up to our insurance minimums of 300 hours and a CFI. Note: Interns must weigh under 235 pounds and we can only give pilot positions to those that weigh under 200 LBS.

Keys to obtaining a career in the helicopter industry.

The key to obtaining a career in the helicopter industry today is understanding the requirements and needs of the operators. As an entry-level helicopter pilot, flight instruction is often the first step on the career path. More Info.

You also should attend the Robinson Helicopter Company factory safety course. The popular Pathfinder Indemnity Co. Ltd. requires this course and 300 hours total time helicopter to instruct. The RHC Safety Course can be found at http://www.robinsonheli.com/ and click on "Training." There are links to schedule and an application.

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