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About helicopter flight training staff member David Brookes

David Brookes: Resident flight instructor

David Brooks teaches our advanced classes and also flies a jet for a fractional company.

Contact info

Phone: 772-708-5490
E-mail: fmenter@aol.com

Certificates and ratings:

Airline Transport Pilot:

  • Rotorcraft-Helicopter
  • Airplane Multi Engine Land
  • LR-Jet
  • FAA Certificate


  • Airplane Single Engine Land and Glider; Single-engine Sea. FAA Certificate

Gold-Seal Flight Instructor:

  • Airplane Single
  • Multi Engine
  • Instrument Airplane and Helicopter
  • XXRotorcraft-HelicopterX
  • FAA Certificate, Glider

Ground Instructor:

  • Advanced and Instrument. FAA Certificate issued April 18, 1994.

Flight Time:

  • Total: Over 9000 hours.

Other education:

  • London School of Economics, London University, London 1990-1992.
  • Degrees: Master's Degree, MSc Economics, June 1992.
  • Diploma with Merit, Economics, July 1991.
  • Columbia College, Columbia University, New York 1986-1990.
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics, February 1990.


  • Nonsmoker, height 75 inches, weight 185 pounds.


  • Fluent in French, conversational in Russian and Japanese.
  • Fluent in major Windows applications, MS-DOS, Basic, Fortran.
  • Open Water Scuba certification, July 1992.
  • Tae Kwon Do, 1st degree black belt, December 1989.
  • Classical Piano, Cello, and Bagpipes, 1973 to present.
  • Member of MENSA, author of two books and a screenplay.
  • Wings phase I program completed December 30, 1997.
  • Avid amateur runner and sailor.