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Helicopter flight training staff

Manager: Thomas McDermott
Phone: 561-346-2816
E-mail: heliacademy@gmail.com
About: Tom McDermott started a photo business (BOATPIX) in August 1981 taking pictures of boats in Ocean City, Maryland. In January 1986 the business took to the air using helicopters in Florida and Helicopter Academy was born. Since that time hundreds of pilots have benefited from Mr. McDermott's clever creativeness in combining helicopters in a flight school with aerial photography of boats. Most any helicopter pilot in South Florida that has flown taking pictures of boats is somehow affiliated. Mr. McDermott is also founder and president of BOATPIX.com, Inc.

Chief Pilot: Dr. David Smith
Phone: 801-209-7772
E-mail: hac.chief@gmail.com
About: Dr. Smith has been a pilot for over 40 years and has accumulated more than 15,000 hours

Chief Flight Instructor: David Brookes
Phone: 772-708-5490
E-mail: fmenter@aol.com
About: David Brookes teaches our advanced classes and also flies a jet for a fractional company.