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Our helicopter training program is superior, we guarantee everyone a job. Our policy is to provide consistent, friendly, top quality flight training courses and lessons to our customers at locations across the US. Helicopter Academy is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students at our FAR part 141 flight school in Hollywood, Florida location.. International Students Section

Career pilot training program

This program is for people to be a career helicopter pilot. We will train you from zero to 300 hours and offer you your first job. During this training you will earn your private, commercial, and certified flight instructor ratings in the Robinson R-22 helicopter.

Introductory training lessons

You want to learn to fly helicopters but don't know where to start? Helicopter Academy offers introductory training from 30 minutes to 5 hours in duration.

Private license (PPL)

The private pilot certificate program is intended for people who may be learning to fly as a hobby, personal business or who are planning to purchase their own aircraft. With your Private pilot certificate you are allowed to take family, friends and co-workers on board your aircraft or the aircraft you are renting while acting as Pilot in Command.

Instrument rating (IR)

The instrument rating course is for private pilots who wish to enhance their flying skills and learn more about navigation, weather and the air traffic control system. It is also for people with a commercial rating who want to gain a competitive edge in the job market, and meet the employment requirements of many EMS, offshore and corporate operators.

Commercial certificate (CPL)

The commercial pilot course is for people with a private helicopter rating who wish to continue their helicopter training, either to gain increased proficiency or with an eye towards possible future employment.

Certified flight instructor (CFI)

You'll most likely need this to get a job. This course is for pilots who hold a commercial pilot certificate with a helicopter rating and wish to obtain a flight instructor certificate. A flight instructor certificate allows a pilot to give flight instruction and to endorse the logbooks of others. This program is highly recommended to maximize employment potential. Your first job will likely be an instructor as these are the easiest jobs to obtain. You will most likely need 300 hours total time in helicopters for these positions as that is the threshold most insurance policies require. Our program assumes you have 300 hours helicopter time with 100 hours flying from the left seat after you get your commercial pilot certificate. You pay for the course once and take as many times as you need. 

Certified flight instructor instrument (CFII)

This course is for instrument rated commercial pilots, usually flight instructors, who want to expand their helicopter pilot abilities.

Add on Ratings

The helicopter add on rating program is intended for people who currently hold a private pilot certificate or higher.

Time building

Helicopter Academy offers unique opportunities for aviators looking to add flight-time to their logbooks. Because we are an official training center for BOATPIX.COM, qualified pilots and graduates have the chance to build time at only $250 per flight hour.

Online VFR Ground School Only $199

Start your training today! This is a great resource to any aspiring pilot. Completion of course allows you to take FAA Written Test.

Long line - vertical reference

Helicopter Academy is proud to announce the addition of real world long line - vertical reference training to our curriculum. The long line course we offer gets you hands-on experience with the equipment similar to that which you’ll actually be using when you start work as a long line pilot.

This real-world training includes practicing with long lines, carrying external loads using a cargo net, lifting a bucket simulating a load of holding 300lbs of concrete, and flying precision maneuvers such as setting utility poles and simulating placing rooftop air conditioning units.



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