Certified Flight Instructor instrument- CFI(H)

About the certified flight instructor instrument CFI(H) helicopter training course

This course is for helicopter instrument rated commercial pilots, usually flight instructors, who want to expand their teaching abilities and earning potential.

Current CFIs should consider enhancing their training abilities by obtaining the Certified Flight Instructor Instrument rating. The CFII(H) allows you to instruct pilots the skill set required to fly on instruments only.

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Pilot testimonial: Helicopter flight training testimonial from Greg Peterson, CFII am glad I joined as a Flight Instructor with Helicopter Academy. I enjoyed teaching all levels of student pilots, from new students with no prior experience, all the way up to Commercial and Instrument pilot applicants. Seeing students fly their first solo, pass their flight exams, and achieve their pilot certification was a very rewarding experience. The time building flying with Boatpix also gave me the opportunity to do things and go places I would have never been able to as a flight instructor with other schools. This benefit is also passed on to the students. They get a real world experience often lacking in most training regimes. Most instructors and students stay in the immediate vicinity of their home airfield during their teaching/student careers. However, we would often find ourselves on photo missions, taking us all over the coasts and lakes of the United States. It has played a huge part in helping to build the skills, confidence, and experience needed in the world of commercial helicopter aviation. The opportunity to instruct student pilots combined with the time building flying of Boatpix, allowed me to build my first 1000 hours of flight experience. I now have a job as an S-92 Co-Pilot in the offshore Oil and Gas sector.

- Niklas Larsen, CFII

Course price example based on standard prices fulfilling the MINIMUM requirements. The average student will need more training. Verify the current price at your preferred training location.