External Load - Vertical Reference Training

About our External Load training course

Helicopter Academy is proud to announce the addition of real world long line - vertical reference training to our curriculum.

The long line course we offer gets you hands-on experience with the equipment similar to that which you’ll actually be using when you start work as a long line pilot.

This real-world training includes practicing with long lines, carrying external loads using a cargo net, lifting a bucket simulating a load of holding 300lbs of concrete, and flying precision maneuvers such as setting utility poles and simulating placing rooftop air conditioning units.

Long Line Course Description

Our long line course consists of 15 hours of Robinson R22 flight time and 10 hours of ground school on Direct Visual Observational Control or Vertical Reference, Part 133 regulations and Helicopter Long Line flying.

Stage I: Introduction to Direct Visual Operational Control (Vertical Reference) flying, 5 hours:

• 2 1/2 hours pad work Vertical Reference on airport
• 2 1/2 hours on primitive makeshift heliports
• 4 hours Ground instruction
• Stage check Pilot evaluation

Upon training completion of Stage I, pilots will have a basic understanding of DVOC techniques and be able to demonstrate proficiency in operating from makeshift heliports (Landing on logs).

Stage II: Introduction Long Line flying, 5 hours:

• Introduction to the basics of Long Line flying
• 3 hours Ground instruction

Pilot evaluation Stage II check

Upon stage training completion pilots will have an understanding of Long line concepts and techniques.

Stage III: Advanced Proficiency Long line flying, 5 hours:

• Show advanced proficiency in Long Line techniques
• Related ground instruction
• Stage Check: Final evaluation and Part 133 External Loads Sign-off

Upon training completion pilots will have met the minimum standards for Advanced Long Line Proficiency.

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