Professional Helicopter training since 1986.

Flight School

Helicopter Academy provides top quality pilot flight training for everyone ranging from private to professional pilots. We are the only flight school in the world that can guarantee graduates a job.

For about $85,000 of flight time we will train you from zero to 300 hours to include the private pilot certificate, the commercial pilot certificate and the instructor pilot certificate in our Robinson R22s and give you a job flying with us if you have a USA Passport. Your first hours are billed at $400/hour. When you complete your private certificate the remaining hours are $300/hr. You can complete your private pilot certificate training in as little as 40 hours. After the private rating you'll do almost exclusively photo flying with an instructor and will learn this skill that is valuable to our photo contract and making you a valuable pilot to us. When you approach the 300 hours you'll need to take the instructors rating (CFI) for $6000 and we'll give you a job like we have to every graduating pilot since our founding in January 1986. (40 hours x $400 hour [$16,000] + 260 hours x $300/hour [$78,000] + $6000 CFI class = $100,000. We recommend you get 25 hours in the larger Robinson R44 costing an extra $500/hour for these flights although not a requirement for a job with us. An Instrument rating also available for $15,000 (which is an additional 35 hours in the R22 Glass Cockpit Instrument Trainer so expect to fly 335 hours total for the career program) and we recommend this rating but it is not required for a job with us. We have been in seamless operation with the same management and phone number since our founding and have a large fleet of properly maintained rotorcraft. We offer free housing for bachelors flying 20 hours per month or more in South Florida and Southern California where you can fly every day of the year! If you can’t come to Florida or California we can usually keep you in your job and in your bed and bring an R22 rotorcraft to you. We know of no other flight school that has more nationwide locations than we do or that can guarantee you a job if you meet our simple insurance requirements of 300 hours logged flight time and instructor rating obtained at our school. See our video page to get a cockpit view of the type of flying you will be doing. You will pay a medical doctor for his services and FAA examiners directly. See our video page to get a cockpit view of the type of flying you will be doing.

We have training locations Located throughout the United states

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Training Programs

From Private to Commercial Pilot, we offer programs that will take you from 0-300 hours and a job!


CFI Training

For pilots who hold a helicopter commercial pilot certificate rating and wish to become a flight instructor.



Add-On Training

The helicopter add on rating program is intended for people who currently hold a private pilot certificate or higher.